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“We have purchased five homes in our adult lives. Each experience has been about the same. The mortgage agent would look at our finances and credit rating, then tell us what our new mortgage interest rate would be for our new home. This time the same thing was occurring, they dictate to you what you get. I don’t know what inspired us more, the lack of communication or bad interest rates, but we decided to shop around. Both our real estate agent and financial manager independently mentioned Bill Clayton as our mortgage agent. We contacted Bill to discuss the opportunity for using him as our mortgage agent. Immediately the treatment was different. Instead of us fitting into his schedule, he worked around our schedules. We had a parking place right up front near the business office with our name posted. During our first meeting Bill ask about us. What were our goals and were either of us VAs. This was before asking for financial information. We explained our desire to prepare for retirement in 4 years in Florida. The first step was downsizing and paying off debt. Bill explained how mortgages worked, but also looked out for us when dealing with upfront costs to ensure we were not wasting money since we would be moving in 4 years. We looked at different options. Then we talked about how much to put down. This is when he recommended a VA mortgage. We discussed the pros and cons of a VA mortgage. After our first home mortgage, we have always put 20% down. Since Bill knew we wanted to pay down our debt as part of our goals, he showed us ways to incorporate that goal into our mortgage options. This excited us because he continued to look at our total financial situation not just can we pay for the the mortgage. We ended up with a fantastic rate, low points, 10% down and the ability to pay two bills. This strategy saved us over $2,000 a month. I can’t tell you what this did to forward our financial plan for retiring in 4 years. Our experience with Bill Clayton has reset the bar on what we expect out of a mortgage agent. Thank you is not enough!”

– Jacinta M.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the whole home buying experience. Bill Clayton and his team got us the home we truly wanted and made the process smooth, very fast and made sure we were informed every step of the way!. We started off with another lender and ultimately ended up switching to Benchmark and was so glad we did! Our situation had many obstacles and was probably considered a challenge but Bill delivered! If you are in doubt about whether or not you can even get a loan please give Benchmark the opportunity to help you and you will be so glad you did as we are!! Thank you all so much!!”

– Robin Y.

“I was referred to Mr. Clayton and his team by a friend. They were so nice and caring.? Mr. Clayton gave me a time for closing and he made it happen. Praise God!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Him and his team communicated with me the whole step of the way. Any questions I had they were there to answer. It is good to know that their is still some good and kind people in this world. They were truly a blessing. I pray that God continue to bless them. Thanks again for everything.”

– karen C. | from oogle

“I really enjoyed Bill and Desiree efforts and dedication in creating a comfortable environment in purchasing our new home. From start to finish, Bill and Desiree were very professional, witty and extremely encouraging in answering any questions concerning the purchase of our new home. I would highly recommend anyone that is in the market of purchasing a new home, GO BENCHMARK!!!!! They are 5 STAR status. FIRST CLASS organization!!!!”

– Keith W.

“We definitely recommend Bill and his team for your go to for purchasing your home. This was our first time buying a home and we had really no knowledge of what to expect. Bill and his team helped us from beginning to end and made it very easy for us. They were always available for questions to be answered. They made us feel very comfortable in using them. We are so happy with our choice and recommend them to anyone! Thank you Bill and your Team for helping us get our home!”

– Susan K. | from oogle

“Third time on the market. First time buying a home. Bill Clayton and his team is awesome !!! I wasn’t confused not once through the process. Any questions I had big or small they answered. They make you feel like you’re important. 🙂 You get emails and text messages telling you the next step as well as phone calls from someone in the office. If you are on the market looking I highly recommend you going with Benchmark Mortgage. You will not be disappointed!! :)”

– Georgrina T. | from oogle

“Benchmark Mortgage is the best for first home buyers! Our experience was seamless. Bill Clayton is very informative and always keeps his clients updated. Bill’s assistants Desiree and Erin were amazing! They made this experience very memorable. A true success, will recommend Benchmark Mortgage to anyone!”

– Carla S. | from oogle

“Bill Clayton and his team are TOP NOTCH. They have always been professional and patient with me whenever I have come to them with questions or advice — even long after they completed handling my mortgage. You can trust them to do everything in your best interest!”

– Benjamin G. | from oogle

“Bill Clayton, Erin, and Desiree were beyond helpful throughout the process of buying our dream home. They walked us through everything we needed to do and answered all of our questions. I would and will recommend them to anyone who is in the Market for a home loan! Thank you for making this process as simple as possible and for helping us buy our amazing home!”

– James A. | from oogle

“If you’re planning to buy a house, Bill Clayton @ Benchmark Mortgage is the Gentlemen you HAVE to visit!! He will make your dreams come true. Outstanding customer service and very diligent during the entire loan process. Trust me!!”

– José R. | from oogle


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